Sophisticated Snow Gola- Snow’ora

The first post got to be special but this snow Gola, I am sorry, Korean Snow dessert happened to make it here on grounds similar to the one that got you here. Mere coincidence and lack of alternate interesting places to be but that’s alright because neither  of the two is going to disappoint you..


Snow’ora – Korean snow dessert can be found in Koramangala’s 80 feet road. Its one more place to check on the lane that offers enough options to last a food explorer a good 5 days of 3 meals with no repetition of menu. The store is big and you wont easily miss the place. The service is satisfactory and the place is usually not crowded enough to test the patience of the staff or their efficiency. I can’t complain though.


The snow dessert is basically the Bingsu dessert of Korea that is made of milk and shaved ice. The desi soul could always compare this to a foreign return cousin of Gola just like the usual comparisons that dosa and crepes are subjected to by the desi folks.  They offer in various combinations of flavours and toppings but not enough choices to spoil the customers. They also offer Frostwich, Thick shakes and Cold coffee.

I personally wouldn’t say its to die for but definitely check it out if you are curious and also they have a decent playlist and free WiFi and barely any customers.


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