My Way Little Dinette – Cute, Yay or Nay?

This place as the name suggests is a cute little restaurant situated at the corner of the Junction road, Ulsoor and offers Parsi food. The food is easy on the pocket and we would highly recommend it if you are looking for some comfort Parsi food.  The ambience is simple with flowers at its entrance, a tinge of baby pink in its interiors ,walls framed with “Keeping up with the Parsis”  and other hangings that could catch your eye.
Quantity is quite a disappointment and the options are quite limited as compared to the other Parsi food joints in Bangalore.



We tried their Mutton Kheema with Pav, Akuri Pattice and Dahi Bhindi with Roti


Dahi Bhindi & Roti


Akhuri Pattice


Mutton Kheema & Pav

The Dahi Bhindi is sweet and creamy and goes well with the Roti. A bowl of this dish can easily fill two people while they serve you just 2 Rotis which is insufficient for a person even. But you can always get extra Rotis with no extra charges but keep in mind the same doesn’t apply for the well buttered Pav.
The mutton Kheema was the star of the show, it is spicy and gave a balance to the sweetness of our main course. It goes very well with buttered Pav. This old classic combo is a must try.
The Akuri Patice would be my runner-up. It is made of Egg Bhurji and potato and is a joy to the taste buds. But again the serving quantity is a disappointment, they literally serve just 2 of these when they say “Serves 2”.
We ended our lunch with a Lagan Nu Custard.  I HEART this dessert. It is a Parsi take on the regular custard although they do have the regular Caramel Custard on their menu. This is a beauty because it is EXACTLY like that moist cake which we all love but this time it isn’t a regular cake but custard that gives this effect.

A lot of the other desserts on the menu weren’t available so you might want to check on that. This however passes to be a house special and you will always be served a portion of this sorcery.
In conclusion just go there if you want some cheap and decent Parsi food at a place that isn’t crowded and probably will never be crowded considering that we sat in an empty restaurant on a Sunday afternoon. I suggest you do give this cute place a shot, it is worth giving a chance.


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